Winter Explorer [ReBuild] of Olivia's Exploration Car 41116

Utilizing every piece from only set 41116, I built this "alternate" or Re-Build of it.
Taking her skyward-gazing equipment mobile, Olivia is energized to head North in search of a good view of the Aurora Borealis.  Her trusty robot, Aura, is along for scouting and watching the equipment trailer.  The trailer houses a rotating platform with collapsible stand for holding a telescope and binoculars.

Her vehicle is a modified "snow cat" of sorts, with ski boots up front.  It's solar-powered, so she doesn't
have to worry about gas.  She uses her sticky-notes with map coordinates to navigate toward a good spot.

A rack ladder gives her rooftop access.  Aura attaches herself to a bar on the rear to ride high.  
When she's not wheeling around, she can maintain a stationary position using her magnifying glass.

Of course it's getting chilly -- Olivia needs to ask for a "I love Science" sweater from the designers!

Jungle Discovery!

Jungle Discovery
My creation for the Friends Bricks "Pop of Pink" building challenge ~ Jungle Discovery! During Olivia's daily check at one of the research huts, she notices a new species of plant. So do a few of the jungle creatures :-)

Rabbit's Secret

Now we know where Rabbit goes after Mia performs her magic ~ an imaginary adventuring world, while the Show goes on ...

Mia has just leaned into the secret compartment looking for her Rabbit after the show -- she had no idea what she'd find!

Building an *Alternate* playset with my Mia's Magic Trick bricks (using every brick) I wanted to imagine where Rabbit goes when she 'disappears' into the 'magic' compartment. Here is a photo to better see TLG's design of the 'magic' involved.

This set contains instructions to build some nice functions: the rotating 'curtains' and hidden trap door & compartment are super fun! This set should be a hit with any girl, or any LEGO fan!

My creation is intended to illustrate a certain imaginary character (who Rabbit obviously adores), along with a Tea Cart with tea & cakes :-)

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Olivia's TreeShip Adventures

Olivia's TreeShip Adventures
Originally uploaded by LegoMyMamma

My Alternate build of Olivia's Treehouse set #3065 using ONLY bricks & elements from that set.
What adventure have you built? :-)

Heather's Dollhouse

Dollhouse 2
Originally uploaded by Bill Ward's Brickpile

A reminder of the amazing detail "Heather LEGOgirl" - Heather Braaten used in her creations.

Heather Nicole are loved

Heather Nicole are loved
Originally uploaded by Lino M

            You will always be remembered.  
      You were an inspiration to all LEGO girls!

Mariann's post about Heather

Pinker Cottontail

Pinker Cottontail
Originally uploaded by LegoMyMamma

"Here comes Pinker Cottontail, hoppin' down the bunny trail ..."

Hoppy Spring 2012!

Friends Of The Sea

Friends Of The Sea
Originally uploaded by LegoMyMamma

One time near the LEGO sets in a store, a Lady was looking for a Mermaid for her Grand-niece's birthday. That was my inspiration for creating this one :-)

Created using mostly pieces from LEGO Friends sets.

Friends Express Train in action! (video)

Girls just want to Build!

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