Yes, you can build *anything* with the bricks from Friends sets!

When I open a LEGO Friends set, I love to not follow the instructions; using just the bricks from that set, I build something from my imagination.  All the bricks in sets (these 'boxes' are merely a vessel) can be used to re-build anything.  Spatial skills get flexed!

Here are a few of my "alternate" builds from a few LEGO Friends sets:
Note: There are also STEM skills value in following the instructions provided by LEGO in each set -- it helps develop math skills, as well as comprehension skills.  Because technical things a person may invent in the future will be based on the knowledge of how things are designed first, this is a fundamental process.  Once a person's cognitive retention has this experience, designing their own version and/or an original based on the mechanics of designs will be honed as a skill.
So, build with instructions, study, build your modified version; then build something completely from your own imagination.  That is the beauty of LEGO bricks.
To see more images of these builds, and a few I didn't add here, visit my Flickr set.

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