Indiana Jones - Have you found him yet?

One of the NEW Indy Wallpapers!

This was a "prize" download after successfully *finding* Indy within a scene on a page when they were launching LEGO Indiana Jones in 2008 

LeggoMyEggo - Lego Waffles

Image courtesy of Kellogg

Kellogg's™ Lego® Mars Mission Astro Fighter Offer

New "My Lego Network" socialization network

Go to the "My Lego Network" page to get started and you can join a fun social network. It is designed to be safe for kids, yet has a decent learning factor. Forget about MySpace & Facebook, MLN has way cooler stickers! Compose your music, collect virtual bricks & more ...

The graphics remind me a bit of surfer, or snowboarder graphics. It is certainly more complex than the traditional Lego Club pages; based on the message boards, many kids wanted more! So, Lego delivered!



Lego Exo Force Zombie for Spider

In the complex world of understanding just why some Lego themes/sets appeal to some people more than others, discussion ensues. Rationales are presented, views are shown, and enthusiam is added. The results: there is something for everyone!
Since I am still trying to learn the Lego program called Lego Digital Designer (sort of a brick cad program, I suppose one could say) it helps to have a subject to attempt to create. That's how we learn. We try. The only way to ever learn all the features & tools of any program is to try.
So, this goes out to you Spider ... and you know who you are ...


Sean Connery as a LEGO MiniFig

Lego(R) Dr. Henry Jones

Having a new Adventurers line (even though Johnny Thunder will always be a part of our family) is just great! Indy is a classic ... what better way to celebrate than to be a Lego set!!? Sean Connery still looks good to me!