Damaged LEGO 6-case workstation storage set

This is the damaged set / frame and there were no baseplates included, as indicated on product description.  Manufactured by IRIS under LEGO product license.

Follow-up: Zappos was super great about the issue and gave me credit for the damage from improper packing in the shipping box & missing baseplates; so we bought more cases (without the workstation frame).  They still sell those at Zappos
Update: Apparently Zappos doesn't stock them any more, but they still have other LEGO items here: LEGO Lifestyle items at Zappos

As of November 2011, IRIS storage set is available at these places: Target  -- as well as Amazon
and at Toys'R'Us

The product stock-photo is below:

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~LMM said...

Follow-up: Zappos online store people were very apologetic and gave me store credit, which we used to order more of just the cases (without the rack) although they arrived OK, they too had been tossed around in too big of a shipping box. Zappos specialty of shoes, so it may take their packers some time to hone the skills of other objects.

Zappos now also sells other LEGO items, such as backpacks, shoes, etc.