Check-mate SPARK

    The flurry of a "social-media" campaign which fell like snowflakes last week is beginning to melt.  Oh, dear.  The 'so-called' backlash to the new LEGO theme Friends is getting rebuffed with truth and historical information.  Now that the sets and crystal clear images are out -- their claim of no "gender equity" is on thin ice.
   First they didn't like it because of the color pink; although there have been pink bricks for decades.  They use a tagline "No pink aisles, bring back beautiful" in their spam attacks online, especially on the LEGO Group Facebook fan page.
   Now they say it's not about pink (because clearly, not all sets are all pink) :
   They don't want to "accept" at face value the research data of TLG, which was four years worth of interaction with real girls.  SPARK & PBG want LEGO to give girls what is "good for them" instead:

   After not getting their desired reply: they start a petition; begin a 'copy & paste' spam campaign; and after saying the new figures have breasts (although all minifigures do indicate a female form via printed artwork) they now claim "stereotyping" in Friends.
    If stereotyping means a girl can be a singer, a veterinarian, a cafe owner, an inventor, a race car driver, a home owner ... or any other imaginative play scenario they can dream up, well then, I am confused.
   Presented with facts, some feminists now claim the LEGO sets are "pre-fab" thereby limiting a girls liberty.  Gosh, every one of the hundreds of sets at my house came in a box with all the bricks & elements loose -- assembly is required ;-)  This is how kids use their spatial-orienting skills.  This is how they problem-solve.  Building with bricks of any color is better than not building at all.
   Girls should be encouraged to make their own creations -- called MOCs (My Own Creation) with the sets -- not just build what's on the box art.  Using their own imagination and visualizing what they can create with such a wide variety of choices can be the very first "spark" toward STEM!  [Science Technology Engineering Math]
   Denying STEM access to girls by creating Friends is another flawed feminist premise.
   Break out of the box feminists!  It's time to stop lumping everything you don't agree with into some hot tub of evil corporate plan designed to keep you down.  Rise above!  Encourage the girls who do choose to play with pink and choose to play with dolls like American Girls, Polly Pocket, Barbie, et al .... and LEGO Friends.
   Reach across the multi-colored, mutli-choice aisle and allow ALL girls to feel beautiful.  Beautiful is the creation.

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