Female MiniFigs are equal in this set

Each year The LEGO Group creates a Community Workers set -- the female to male ratio is very equal in this 2011 version.  This would be elusive truth to some people who choose to ignore facts.  A few fringe hangers would rather skew the truth, re-mix other people's creations, and promote their own agenda along the way.  What a sad way to make a few bucks.

Count them for yourself.

To those people online who say merely creating more MiniFigs as females will get more girls building, well, you are mistaken.  Girls are way more complex than that.

To those people who contradict themselves by saying, "sets are limiting imagination" (they're meant to be re-built, using owner's imagination) and yet complain about sets not being "gender equal" somehow when they follow a canon of a specific movie or book: here's an offering by TLG which is gender equal.  You probably didn't know about it because, in truth, you really don't know much about LEGO bricks -- except what's been misrepresented online by a few spammers, attention-getters, and agenda sellers.

Buckets of bricks are available everywhere!  Go buy one and educate yourself.

See details of this set here.

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