Rabbit's Secret

Now we know where Rabbit goes after Mia performs her magic ~ an imaginary adventuring world, while the Show goes on ...

Mia has just leaned into the secret compartment looking for her Rabbit after the show -- she had no idea what she'd find!

Building an *Alternate* playset with my Mia's Magic Trick bricks (using every brick) I wanted to imagine where Rabbit goes when she 'disappears' into the 'magic' compartment. Here is a photo to better see TLG's design of the 'magic' involved.

This set contains instructions to build some nice functions: the rotating 'curtains' and hidden trap door & compartment are super fun! This set should be a hit with any girl, or any LEGO fan!

My creation is intended to illustrate a certain imaginary character (who Rabbit obviously adores), along with a Tea Cart with tea & cakes :-)

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